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C  h  i  c  o  m  e  c  ó  a  t  l 

(chee | cōh | méh | qúat)

is here to serve modern Mexican cuisine and pay 

tribute to Mesoamerica's contributions towards 

civilization by honoring through food and representation.

Chicomecóatl is also the an ancient Aztec goddess of maíz;

a fitting tribute to Maricela Vega's forebearers, maíz 
farmers from Guanajuato, Mexico and producers of nixtamal. 

Our intention is to provide people with access to 

nutritious food. Working with a like minded community 

has allowed us to work towards that goal. We proudly 

partner with local, organic farms such as Buckeye Creek Farm,

Grow Where You Are, Sparta Gardens, and Mena's Farm, as well

 as other thoughtful partners.

  Utilizing the work of these growers and foodscape, 

 we have access to these nutrient dense ingredients to help us 

create our take on modern Mexican food while honoring

 the rich and diverse heritage of food from Mexico.

 Proudly serving several interpretations of dishes at a variety of 

venues in Atlanta and beyond! 

The goals are to not only provide the community with education, 

accessibility and creating diversity of taste and 

culinary experiences,

 but to also provide a range of bulk products available to the 

public: masa, tamales, empanadas, and fresh juices 

(yúz / agua fresca) which are chief among them.  

 C h i c o m e c ó a t l offers an assortment of complete catered meals
for groups as well as seed to plate education & 

restaurant consultations. We work with food in a wide range: 

published recipe contributions, food props for sets, 

food sourcing/meal programs development &

education, to event coordinating AND more. 

Email for more info [email protected]






Keep life tasty and easy, order from us for any occasion, large or small.


2020 nixtamal act of libration art by karla rosas aka KARLINCHE



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