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C  h  i  c  o  m  e  c  ó  a  t  l

(chee | cōh | méh | qúat)

is here to serve modern Mexican cuisine.

Chicomecóatl is also the ancient Aztec goddess of maíz;

a fitting tribute to Maricela Vega's forebearers, maíz 
farmers from Guanajuato, Mexico. After spending a

decade of professional cooking in some of Atlanta's

most recognized kitchens, Chicomecóatl social enterprise
formed in 2017 under the direction of Maricela.  

Our intention is to provide people with access to 

nutritious food. Working with a like minded community 

has allowed us to work towards that goal. We proudly 

partner with local, organic farms such as Grow Where You 

Are, Mayflor Farms, and Mena's Farm, as well as source

 other local ingredients from the Community Farmer's Market

Utilizing the work of these growers,  we have the freshest
ingredients to help us create our take on local, modern 

Mexican food. 

With the aim to further community efforts, 

we are able to  partner with local organizations to create
funding to further their work. U
tilizing this wealth of  

resources, we produce healthy delicious contemporary dishes 

while honoring the rich and diverse heritage of food from Mexico.

Serving several interpretations of dishes at a variety of venues, 

the goal is to provide the community with not only a

diversity of taste and culinary experiences, but also to

provide a range of retail products; tamales, empanadas,

 and fresh juices (yúz / agua fresca) are chief among them.  

 C h i c o m e c ó a t l offers an assortment of complete catered meals
 groups as well as education & consultations. 

Email us for your inquries. 

We work in a wide food range: published recipe contributions

food props for sets, food sourcing/program development 

& education, to event coordinating.


We welcome you to join us at our dinners series: 

La Casita at LottaFrutta in o4w,

 in addition to a number of collaborations around town.

Menus, calendar & updates of projects are listed below.

12/12 & 12/13 









We are so excited to share that we 

have partnered again with MAITUFOODS

to provide Peace Prep Academy in the 

 English Ave Neighborhood with lunch meals

 for 45 students this half of the school year.

This is a form in which we can provide 

accessibility to an underserved community

with an all PLANT BASED and ORGANIC 

school meal program. 



Very proud to announce the 7th installment of La Casita dinner 

series. This is dinner will be fully paired and we still encourage

you to bring your own favorite beverages. Both menus are inspired 

by the gifts of knowledge and essence left behind for us by our

ancestors. Though not quite Day of the Dead, Dia de Muerto, we

pay tribute through our plates to this recognized Mexican day. 


    La Casita   

a plant-based tasting menu dinner series 

paired with a beverage provided service 

by Thirdmoon Botanica.

La Casita de Comida is housed under the amazing
LottaFrutta ; you can find us on the corner of

 Auburn Ave and Randolph St in O4W ATL.

CURRENTLY on break until weather is proper.

$12o | 5 courses  | 5 beverages provided | byob



   email for questions & to reserve seat(s)

 reservations are confirmed via payment

➿         ➿       ➿

April 4, 2018 marked the union of southern 

African and Mesoamerican diaspora

over a 12-course dinner in cohesion with 

The Plate Sale, Lotta Frutta, and Josh Hopkins.

Lead2life brought light to the 50th anniversary 

of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's assassination. 

Honored through a weekend of seronity:

50 soil collections were made to bless the

 planting of  50 trees all​ in different loca​tions 

of Atlanta with each its own story of healing to 

be made and 50 guns were melted down to

make 50 shovels to plant new life and healings.

One site in particular was at Mena's Farm.

Her Cabo Verde roots extend into ATL's Grove Park.

She has created her oasis of food in a food desert.

Food is life and it certainly begins in the ground.

watch the mini film of this event

Keep life tasty and easy, order from us for any occasion, large or small.


The permaculture action day led

by Lead2Life held on 4/7/18 

helped set the actionary tone 

of the continuing journey of 

growing food that Filomena 

so graciously, continues to 

provide to the city of Atlanta.

On 4/29/18 We formed another

 beautiful evening through the 

collaboration efforts from many 

of Atlanta's food intentional


We held a dinner in her honor 

which also helped begin the fund 

raising and collective processing

required for her current 

irrigation project. 

6/07/18 We formed an alliance

with 2 farms to plan a work day to

install a modest irrigation system.

7/02/18 Liz and Nelson from 

Buckeye Creek Farm in Woodstock  

have partnered with us! They installed 

a solar battery run water pump which

connects the 2 rain water tanks and we

also made a work table from scraps. 

Diana made us a map of the urban farm

so we can better plan and view the scape.

In September, we will resume with 

drip line irrigation and amends to

the green house as well as front garden.

Looking for donations or support to help

us buy the well from the city (10k goal).

Please reach out to us if you have ideas!

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